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Monsters University' debuts four new trailers -- each with a slight mutation -- VIDEO

How did Mike and Sulley end up working on the scare floor in Monsters, Inc.?

As the trailer for the new prequel Monsters Universitysuggests, well … maybe they would have landed better jobs if they’d studied more and pranked each other less in college. But hey, who can’t say the same?

Check out some new photos and the trailer(s). Yes, that’s plural … sort of.

The teaser for the movie, which opens June 20, 2013, actually has four variations, each one with different gags of Mike Wazowski, a.k.a. the giant, green eyeball-with-legs, muttering in his sleep. Monsters University director Dan Scanlon said it was too hard to choose just one from voice actor Billy Crystal’s many improvisations, so they went with four.

This will be Pixar’s first prequel, predating the events in Monsters Inc. and showing the somewhat rocky early relationship between Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (John Goodman, also reprising his role from the original.)

While they haven’t changed all that much from the first time we saw them in 2002, the film offers subtle variations: Mike has braces, for one, and Sulley seems to have not yet packed on that freshman 15 weight gain.

No need to look under the bed and in closets for the videos, we’ve got them all here.

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Is it odd that I kind of liked the trailer (the prank made me chuckle anyway) yet it also made me even more anxious about this movie than I was previously?  I mean I like it when Mike is on the buttend of a joke NGL but... yeah, it's something I'd prefer as a short or something then a a trailer to what is going to be a full fledged movie. Granted college shenanigans are hardly my favourite type of thing.

I'm still not so hot on the whole basic premise as of yet. And Wow it is so weird to see Sulley looking like this. I'm kind of cautious I guess is what I'm saying yet I'm hoping I'll like this all the same.

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Brave, Pixar, and a Wider Lens

Hi everyone! *Pops out of lurker-hole*

I wrote a new article concerning Brave recently. It delves into animation/Pixar history in general and has to due with the film's comparatively lukewarm reception. 

I know it’s a tad long, but it would up being a cumulation of a lot of things I’ve wanted to say about the animation film industry, so I think you’ll enjoy it or at least get a new perspective from it. :)

Pixar Outlines Release Schedule through 2015

Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich is one of the foremost experts on The Shining, so his bona fides as an aficionado of the sinister and mysterious are without question.

What remains in question, however, is how this will shape his newly announced project for Pixar, a 2015 film set around the Mexican holiday honoring the dead, tentatively titled Dia de los Muertos.

Colorful painted skulls (like the kind pictured here) are a hallmark of that celebration, and featured prominently in the title art Disney animation chief John Lasseter presented while announcing the film Tuesday. But it’s unknown whether those will remain just decoration, or perhaps turn out to be the characters themselves.

No other details were released about that project, except that it was an original story not based on any previous source material.

While revealing the existence of Dia de los Muertos at CinemaCon, the annual Las Vegas convention for theater owners, Lasseter also dropped hints about a few other movies in the Pixar pipeline, including revealing a trailer for Monsters University, and giving release dates to two other projects still in the early stages …

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Must admit, they don't sound very intriguing for the most part.

Marvel :: Iron Man

Cars Land Updates/Videos

For this point-of-view video, a camera was mounted on the driver’s side of a Radiator Springs Racers car during a recent test run in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park. Vehicles are being tested seven days a week, mostly at night. By the time each vehicle is commissioned, it will travel approximately 36,000 miles per year!

The video also shows a quick sneak peek of what to expect inside the mountain range. Guests will get to see the entire track for themselves when the attraction opens on June 15.


The finishing touches just keep coming to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park. And, by “finishing touches,” I mean large neon signs!

When you travel the real Route 66, you see great, classic neon signs in the towns along the road — and Pixar's Route 66 will be no exception. Watch this video and see two primary graphics designers explain how their research led to the final product.

Marvel :: Iron Man

Merida from “Brave” is Coming to Disney Parks

In the upcoming Disney•Pixar movie “Brave,” Merida is a headstrong teenager with a vibrant spirit and a softness of heart, struggling to take control of her own destiny. You’ll be able to discover Merida’s story when “Brave” opens in theaters June 22 and, beginning in mid-May, Merida will be coming to Disney Parks in an all-new character greeting experience.

At Magic Kingdom Park, Merida will appear in Fairytale Garden in a setting inspired by her Scottish Highlands home, where young guests will be invited to engage in archery lessons and other activities until it’s their turn to meet her. Joining Merida are three mischievous bear cubs, whom you’ll learn more about when you see “Brave” in theaters.

To prepare for Merida’s arrival, Rapunzel will be moving from Fairytale Garden April 15, to the Town Square Courtyard (adjacent to City Hall) where she will continue to greet her loyal fans and subjects.

When visiting Disneyland park in California this summer, Merida and the wee, playful bears will find a home away from home near “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland, where guests will also be able to participate in activities inspired by Merida’s story.

According to Creative Director Reed Jones, “These new play and greet experiences at both parks will immerse our guests in ‘Brave,’ giving them the opportunity to be a part of Merida’s Scottish clan. And we’re all excited to have the bear cubs join Merida with their silly antics, creating a whole new way to bring our beloved Disney Characters to life.”

“Regardless of where they find Merida,” said Reed, “Guests are really going to fall in love with her and the bears.”