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Cars Land Updates/Videos

For this point-of-view video, a camera was mounted on the driver’s side of a Radiator Springs Racers car during a recent test run in Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park. Vehicles are being tested seven days a week, mostly at night. By the time each vehicle is commissioned, it will travel approximately 36,000 miles per year!

The video also shows a quick sneak peek of what to expect inside the mountain range. Guests will get to see the entire track for themselves when the attraction opens on June 15.


The finishing touches just keep coming to Cars Land at Disney California Adventure park. And, by “finishing touches,” I mean large neon signs!

When you travel the real Route 66, you see great, classic neon signs in the towns along the road — and Pixar's Route 66 will be no exception. Watch this video and see two primary graphics designers explain how their research led to the final product.

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